Inflatable Travel Pillow for Foot Rest on Airplanes and Kids to Sleep on Long Flights




For Young Children: The travel pillow is designed so kids can spread out to sleep rather than lie across accompanying passengers, let children get better rest on the long flights.

For Adults: Infalatable Foot Rest Pillow is designed to great for foot and leg support, perfect companion for longer trips.

1. Best Gift to the Trip
It can be used also as stool or a chair while waiting for a flight in the airport, adults can lay down their head on it as a big pillow during wait time. The footrest pillow helps your feet and Legs to rest on airplanes,and you can more comfortable sleep on your seats to save energy. Foot pillow can help reduce swelling and relieve back pain that sitting for prolonged periods.

2. Versatile
The foot rest pillow is perfect companion for those traveling in planes, cars, trains or more.

3. Easy to Inflate and Deflate
about 10-15 puffs and it’s full. There is no specific time as the speed depends on how fast and how hard you breathe into the pillow.

4. Convenience
You can deflate it and pack it back in the carry bag.

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